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Warranty, IP Rights & Performance

Templair fans carry a warranty of two years form date of purchase against faulty material or workmanships. In event of any part found to be defective, the fan shall be repaired, or at Company’s discretion replaced, without charge provided that the fan is

  • Installed and used in accordance with wiring instructions supplied with each unit
  • Not subjected to misuse, neglect or damage
  • Not been modified or repaired by any person not authorized by the company

    Intellectual Property Rights
    Products included in this catalog are protected under patent, design copyright, and trade mark laws. Templair shall take essential legal action in ay part of the world against parties that are found to be manufacturing, selling or dealing with fans that are infringing the company’s copyrights and patent right in it products.

    The performance Data is considered to be accurate at the time this catalog went into printing, the Company reserves the right to alter, modify or change its design without prior notice due to continuous product Improvement.

    Condition for Sale

    All sales by Templair are made upon terms of the Company’s Conditions of Sales. The company will not accept any claims for consequential damages as a result of errors in this catalogue. Fixing and Wiring instruction that are provided with the product should be consulted prior to handling the product.